Singletail Whips with DK Leather

beaten backLast weekend I had the pleasure and honour of learning how to wield a singletail whip with the magnificent DK Leather and his wyfe Lu leatherEagle at their Plug n Play workshop at Sacred Pleasures. It was quite the experience and I can now officially say I LOVE singletail whips.

Before I use any toy on another body I always want to know what it feels like on mine first, and as i’ve never experienced the kiss of a singletail before I volunteered to be the demo bunny. I expected it would be intense, but I did not expect a 10 minute scene culminating in blows that burst my skin open and made me bleed! Just look at my back there on the right.

The harder hits felt sharp, a bit like needles but more shocking and abrupt, not all together unpleasant. Just intense, fucking intense without much of a warmup to speak of. Afterwards I was so high from the adrenaline, endorphins and oxytocin that I had to be lead over to a soft area and given blankets, biscuits and juice. Within 20 mins or so I was back in the room, just in time to pay attention to the detailed descriptions Lu Leathereagle was giving to the various whips on display.

I learned that there are more different types of whip than I could possibly remember, what to look for in a well made whip, the effects of different materials and lengths, safety precautions and all kinds of technical stuff that just left my geeky mind desperate to get online and find out more.

I also had practical lessons in using a couple of different single tail whips, and was really getting the hang of the two strokes I was taught, Dog tailing and Rats tailing. I even managed to hit a row of 8 little squares of tissue paper first time, which I was terribly pleased about (and gutted there was no’one else in the room at the time to see it). Now I just need a whip to practice with, then a body to practice on…

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