Some gift ideas, in case you feel so inclined

Please email me at claire@ if you need an address to post things to, or if you order from my Amazon wishlist it'll get delivered straight to me

  • Chocolate - I adore chocolate, milk, white, coffee, lavender, orange, mint. The only chocolates I don't like are ones filled with caramel.
  • Red wine or good quality dark or spiced rum
  • Something from my Fetters or Uberkinky Wishlists
  • Leather Clothing from Lux, I have numerous projects for these lovely ladies. A gift token from here will be put to good use.
  • Toys from Jacks Floggers, I prefer the leather/suede to be black
  • A decent camera so I can share pictures of all the fun things I get up to with you
  • A pair of leather suspension cuffs
  • A suspension harness or sling
  • A Venus 2000, seriously, this incredible toy will change everything!
  • A leather face cage or hood both make fun toys to play with.
  • Anything from my Amazon wishlist

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