presentsSometimes people want to buy me gifts for various reasons. If you feel so inclined here are some ideas.

  • Chocolate – I adore chocolate, particularly milk chocolate but all chocolate is good chocolate
  • Red wine or good quality rum
  • Leather Clothing from Lux, I have numerous projects for these lovely ladies. A gift token from here will be put to good use.
  • Toys from Jacks Floggers, I prefer the leather/suede to be black. I have my eye on a matched pair of his dragon canes
  • Lingerie is not something I wear often but if it’s very well made I can be convinced. I’m a size 10, 34b. I prefer things that are dark colours and not too flowery.
  • Earrings, particularly from Body Art Forms, my earlobes are stretched to 20mm, but thinner dangley earrings work too (min. 7mm)
  • Anything from my Amazon wishlist


Contact Claire Black:
07910 470781
I much prefer initial contact to be made by email. If this is impossible for you do keep trying, I will answer eventually