Questions I get asked most frequently


I want to meet you but I don't know what I like. What do you want to do to me?

It's really important for me to have a clear idea of your desires before we meet. I offer a wide range of services, and 'general domination' can have a lot of meanings. Unclear communication leads to frustration and disappointment on both sides.

Now I know it can be overwhelming at first, there are so many exciting kinky things and you just want to make your Mistress happy. Check out my blog post on variety with some helpful questions, and my sessions page for some ideas and see if any of these appeal as a starting point.

Where do you hold BDSM sessions?

My private custom dungeon is in North London. It's 5 minutes from Finsbury Park tube station on the Victoria and Picadilly lines as well as National Rail, and a lot of busses. Equipment includes a 2.5m high scaffold frame, bed, cage, padded floor, bondage table, stocks, kneeling bench, gynae chair. Plus all of the floggers, canes, e-stim attachments, bondage points, rope, candles and all the other toys we could ever need.

How much does a BDSM session in London cost?

Activity Price
Talking only -  for information, advising, familiarising £80 1 hr
Relaxed dinner date* £120 + expenses
30 minutes £150
1 hour £200
2 hours £350
3 hours £480
4 hours £580
Cage time £80 p/h
Overnight** £600 - £1200
Get in touch for holiday rates

*These are occasionally offered free of charge to regulars to deepen our relationship **Overnight sessions varies depending on what we'll be doing, and most importantly, how much sleep I expect to get. Follow this link to learn more about overnight session options.

Deposits are non refundable. Can be transferred to another booking within 1 month of cancellation. Bookings cancelled within 24 hours incurs 100% of agreed fee. Bookings cancelled within 48 hours incurs 50% of agreed fee.

How do I pay?

£50 of the session fee must be paid as a deposit in advance to confirm first booking, PayPal or bank transfer preferred. Cash drop-off incurs additional 'meet and greet' fee of £50. Session fee either cash in an envelope when you arrive or bank transfer (before we meet).

Can I have a discount?

No, never for a first session. If we have an ongoing relationship I might consider it in very particular circumstances.

How do you like to be contacted?

I prefer introductions to be over email, this way I can take my time to read between the lines of what you've written to get to what you actually want. Ideally this happens after you've thoroughly read my site so know what I do and do not offer, and after reading my contact page so you know what information I need.

Should I buy you a gift?

I do love gifts and I will always remember you when I wear/use/drink/eat it, but there are no expctations. Here are some ideas...Gifts

How long should we meet for?

For a first meeting usually 1 or 2 hours is best depending on what we're doing. I'm happy to advise when I know what you want to try. After this anything from 1 hour to overnight is normal, or even mini-breaks abroad if we're feeling adventurous.

Can you wear heels (corset/latex/PVC...)?

Heels no, corset no, latex no. I'm not comfortable in them and will spend more time faffing with my outfit than playing with you. My absolute favourite outfit is jeans/shorts, a vest or t-shirt and a pair of leather boots. I also like leather, fur, comfortable sexy black clothes, silk kimono's. If you have a preference you can ask me to wear something specific, (or buy me a clothing gift), and if I like it I will.

Do you do strap-on or anal play?

No, I don't enjoy anal play. I only do things that I actively enjoy, this way we're both having a great experience whenever we meet.

Can I use nitrous oxide/poppers other intoxicants?

No, I do not enjoy the use of intoxicants in sessions.

Can I be your personal slave? Can you use me for filming/photo shoots/ forced bi sessions?

Possibly, if you approach me with a well thought through email explaining clearly and concisely what you can offer me. What are your skills, previous experiences, references. Note these are service positions and are intended to serve me, not as a way for you to get a free session.

Why do you call yourself 'Sir'

I call myself 'Sir Claire' because it was the most appealing honorific to me. As you'll see from my images I'm not super femme and 'Goddess', 'Miss', 'Madame', 'Lady', 'Princess'... just don't sit right; they sound like some glamorous woman I have no aspirations to be. Occasionally 'Mistress' is okay. I know some people have real issues with 'Sir' because of previous life experiences so in these situations 'Mistress' is acceptable, but 'Sir' or 'Sir Claire' will always make me very happy.
Another benefit from this is that it shows someone is really engaged with me. If a sub is just blurting out 'Yes Mistress, oh Mistress' I could be any Domme they're served. You need to be present with me to remember 'Sir'.

So now you know all the gritty details, go on and press the big red button

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