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What happens in a BDSM session?

I still have not worked out how someone who looks so sweet can be so nasty (in the nicest way possible). -Nathan, June 2013

First Times

I like to start building a connection before we go into the playroom so that when we do more intimate things we already have a base of trust and understanding. The first time we meet we'll start with a cup of tea and a chat (or coffee, water...forced tea drinking isn't my kink). I've enjoyed the company of people from experienced kinksters to wide eyed newbies, masochists, sensation junkies, submissives, bottoms and more. Wherever you are on the BDSM spectrum is just fine.

Building relationships

The most fulfilling sessions happen through time and from a relationship based on mutual trust and honesty. Occassional one off sessions are fun, they're an adrenaline rush, but I enjoy taking time to get to know people to really understand how their minds work and body responds. After time I will know exactly the effect a certain whip or riding crop has on you, the headspace different bondage positions put you in, I know how you react to that word or look, and I can use this knowledge to toy with you more and bring you more deeply into BDSM.

Every session is different

Exploring and Experimenting will happen. Boredom is anathema to me so no two sessions will ever be the same. I like company as I learn and try new things, sometimes it's a brand new skill, other times it's a subtle change in the way I hold a flogger. The smallest twist in an idea can make all the difference.

Some things I enjoy in play

  • Luxuriating in my power over you – power earned over time as you get to know me as a person, not assumed just because I'm Dominant and you're submissive, or because you think I'm hot
  • Pushing you to do things that are a bit scary, things you wouldn't normally do
  • Exploring your fantasies, finding ways to take you where you want to go
  • Getting us both high through endorphines, adrenaline and creative connections
  • Sometimes I just feel plain sadistic and want to hurt people for the joy of it
  • Ritual, working with intentions, suggestion – I don't care if it's all hippy woo or purely mental tricks, it's fun and rewarding
  • Service, I love being waited on, fed, treated like a prince(ss) and having someone do things for me because they want to and it brings them pleasure, not because I say
  • Teasing – I'm very aware how attractive you find me, and if my leg brushes yours, if you get a peek of my breast – this is all deliberate, I know exactly the effect it has on you and I get quite drunk on the power trip teasing gives me

Session length

For a first meeting usually 1 or 2 hours is best depending on what we're doing. I'm happy to advise when I know what you want to try. After this anything from 1 hour to overnight is normal, or even mini-breaks abroad if we're feeling adventurous.

Can you wear heels (corset, latex.....)?

Heels no, corset no, latex no. I'm not comfortable in them and will spend more time faffing with my outfit than playing with you. I like leather, fur, comfortable sexy black clothes, silk pyjama's and kimono's, boots. If you have a preferance you can ask me to wear something specific, and if I like it I will.

I used to be all about the intensity (and trust me I'm good at that), now I'm interested the subtlety

Keep reading for a list of things I like to play with in sessions or click below to drop me an email.

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Some of my favourite things in BDSM sessions

This list is far from exhaustive, sometimes many things on it can happen during one encounter and other times we could spend hours focussing in depth on one thing. This is just to give you some ideas if you're struggling to figure out what you might like to try first.

  • Floggers and music creating a hypnotic dance and rhythmic trance.
  • Canes thudding, stinging, pitter-patter drops or blinding scorching agony.
  • Impact Play comes in more than just these - single tail whips, double tail whips, paddles, belts and more...
  • Nipple torture, they're little pink targets, I just can't resist.
  • Boots are made for stomping, and jumping and kicking and trampling. Stomp stomp stomp in a big pair of 21 hole Dr. Martins or dirty old army boots.
  • Objectification/human furniture so you can forget the concerns of being human. Human lamp, table, footstool and more...
  • Caging - a more lengthy mindfuck, being locked in a cage and brought out only when I want to play with you, again and again
  • Tooth and claw, flesh and bone. Biting, scratching, grabbing, punching, slapping, spanking, flicking, twisting, squeezing, teasing. There's plenty I can do without any tools.
  • Needles and blades glistening beside your seeping blood.
  • Shibari rope twisting and winding around your body.
  • Bondage with cuffs and collars, ropes and chains, latex rope for your genitals.
  • Cling film mummification for when you need to not move at all.
  • Hot Wax dripping, splashing making pretty pictures.
  • Electric play creates some fascinating and unique sensations. Feel my E-Stim pulsing, squeezing, tickling and freeing up my hands to play elsewhere.
  • Leather fetish with my custom made leather underwear, trousers, jacket and boots.
  • Unusual Fetishes such as binbag fetishes or urethral streching. I love to hear of unusual fetishes and try new things.
  • Forced bi (although the 'forced' part is never necessary). Since I don't do strap-on play if you want a cock in your ass or your face the only way it'll happen is with my well trained manslut.
  • Friends joining in. I have plenty of kinky filthy friends both male and female who love to join in as either top, bottom, submissive. Let me know what you want and I'll find the right person.
  • Breath play: panic in your eyes when you can’t have any, elation when you have too much, the breath changes everything.
  • Fire tenderly licking your skin, flames dancing in the dark, nothing more primitive or atmospheric.
  • Rites of passage rituals to mark whatever in your life needs remembering.
  • Dinner dates, I love to eat good food and am happy to accompany you to dinner either after playing to unwind, or just for the company.
  • Sensual fur and soft skin touch skin interspersed with glimpses of pain.
  • CBT (cock and ball torture) mild hurting on your most sensitive parts, urethral sounds and stretching, binding, tapping, squishing, grabbing, pulling, pinching...
  • Tie and Tease until you beg and plead. The power rush this gives me is sublime.
  • Tickling fetish/torture, lose control of your body under my mischievous fingertips.
  • Beating you up with fists to the chest, Dr. Martens to the thigh. No toys to get between us, just primal, visceral flesh. Plus a few lessons in boxing and kick boxing mean I can throw a decent punch/kick. Read a review of a beatdown session with me

There's more!

These are just some of some of my favorite things. If there's something you'd like to try that I've not listed here please do drop me an email and ask. Don't be embarrassed, chances are I've heard it before, and the worst that can happen is I get back to you and let you know it's not an interest we share.


Some things I don't do on a first date but might be open to once we get to know each other include: golden showers, me being naked, you touching me.
Boundaries change in relationships and sometimes the mood takes me do to something different but these things you should not ever expect in our liaisons: anal penetration, contact with my genitals, anything involving shit, vomit, retching.
I do not like to be groped, I'm a sensual person so if you are respectful I'm likely to press parts of my body against yours, but the more you try to touch the less you will.

Keep reading for a list of things I like to play with in sessions or click below to drop me an email.

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